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As a 501c(3) non-profit corporation, the primary mission of SEARC is the training of youth, other interested individuals and residents in the Lower Columbia River Area. Adult members of the club  assume leadership roles in supporting the teaching process. Such teaching support will include the areas of theory and operation such as are applicable to radio communication.    





If you would like to pay your dues via credit/debit card or PayPal, please add $1.00 to the amount to cover the cost of the transaction to the club. We are on a tight budget again this year.  If you want to donate to a specific project, please send us a follow up email and identify how you would like your donation dollars spent or invested. Thanks!



P.O. Box 264

Astoria, OR.  97103-0264


President  - Lianne Thompson (KF7SBQ)

Vice Pres. - Josh Pritchard  (KF7HBU)

Secretary - Caren Black  (KE7OHV)

Treasurer  - Frank Van Winkle   (AA1FV)

Trustee  - Terry Wilson   (KB7SI)





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(WA7FIV) Hal Denison

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